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Dungeons & Dragons is an imaginative, social experience that engages players in a rich fantasy world filled with larger-than-life heroes, deadly monsters, and diverse settings. D&D is an ongoing activity to which players might devote hours of their time... getting together with friends on a regular basis for weeks, months, or even years.”

- D&D Archive,

We are here to play and have a good time. True to pen and paper D&D, we are here as much for the social experience as to play the game. We are not concerned with maximum XP per minute, or obtaining all the best gear. It is not a race to level 20, rather a journey to be enjoyed... one step at a time.

We work as a team, and we talk and joke as we make our way through the dungeon. If we die, we laugh and try again. Our guild-mates are more important than our guild level or what ship buffs we have.

Leave the drama at the login screen. This is a place to relax, relieve stress, and have fun. If this sounds like your kind of guild send us a message, here or in game.

Happy hunting!


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redblayde, Jan 6, 12 6:20 PM.
For members of Aeonian Moarte that wish to apply for membership on this site, please include at least your main character's name.  This will help us know who you are when approving the membership.  Thanks!
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